How to Pick Winning Lotto Numbers

How to Pick Winning Lotto Numbers

The definition of the word lottery is “The use of money exchanged in betting for a chance to win a prize.” Sound familiar? It does for me, and I think everyone in the USA thinks of it that way. It is the reason why I use the word lottery when talking about our country’s game of chance. It is a shame, because it has become a misnomer, if not a misuses.

I hope that you’ll take the time to read on this week’s article, because it could save you from wasting your time and money and, in some cases, going to jail.

The Misconceptions Behind Lottery Systems

1. Most lottery systems are scams

I read one article about how the Antique Slot Machine was the beginning of a new era in 1891. Apparently some lawyer or merchant discovered the edges on it and decided he could make a lot of money by selling slot machines. He went one step further and discovered he could also slide his mouse across it to hide the symbols. He was so excited with his “loophole” that he didn’t spend the time researching how to sell. He was actually in it to make money.

I doubt if there are any lawyer or merchants in our modern world who are still trying to discover ways to sell slot machines. And I doubt if there are any left who are willing to spend the time and effort to learn how to make slot machines.

If you believe that things like Your Lucky Dollars are really a game of chance, then you are either a) crazy, or b) welcome to the world of Lottery programming.

2. Lottery predictions are impossible

How many times have you heard of people predicting the future with the Lottery? Says who? It sounds like a trick question: predict the future, or predict the past. Either way, you can’t do it. Not possible. Why? Because Numbers and numbers never repeat themselves. Always new numbers are created every time the lotto wheel is rotated.

describes numbers in the Lotto, not past or future numbers. The Lotto is a game of chance and not of prediction.

3. Lottery draws are random

Whether or not Lottery suites your preferences, they are always random. says, “A random selection of numbers can never be produced by chance, or according to a process of elimination.” Lottery is a game of chance, so keep that in perspective.

4. Winning Lotto Max tickets is just a dream

“I’ve made all the money I ever dreamed of,” say the participants of Club Lottery. That’s the dream, right? That’s the illusion. Realistically, most people will never win the Lotto. Unless they repeat the name of their lottery at the time of the purchase, they have no chance of winning the jackpot.

“I have become a Lottery addict,” say one winner. “When I played, I would regularly play every day,” she continues. “Now I don’t do anything except hope to win.” The problem is, she hasn’t won.

Of course, there are some tactics for picking numbers that win. You could use The Lotto Black Book, by Kenneth Dickkerson. He has mastered the art of picking winning numbers. Unfortunately, the book only advises one method of picking numbers, which is choosing half and half birthdays. That means you have to get all your winners mixed up, and hope they are.

“I’ve tried that method,” admits Larry Blair of the Lottery Black Book. “It didn’t work.”

Even the expertise of the experts can’t tell you how to pick winning lotto numbers. It’s as random as picking numbers from a calendar. That’s what Keno is.ruck. Random, as in life.

Of course, some will try to come up with their own secret code and methods of picking winning lotto numbers. Most will only be a waste of time and money, if they can find one that can predict the winning numbers of any lottery. Some internet surfers have claimed that they have developed a way to win the lottery. Probably, they are just trying to sell you something.

Others will give you a list of rules and regulations they claim to use to pick winning numbers. Of course, most of them don’t work, so one must not believe what they say. One must also never buy any lotto tickets after using a system. Such a system could only increase your luck, not make it any luckier.

Perhaps the best way to win the lotto is to just buy a ticket and have fun. That’s the spirit of the lotto.


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